About Us

Our Story

Recognized for more than 35 years as one of the top leaders in Canada's women's fashion industry, the local company JACOB has carved out a place in the heart of Quebec and Canadian women.

Originally founded by Joey Basmaji in 1977 at Sorel, the company opened new stores in the 1980s-1990s and in the 2000s. JACOB Lingerie, JACOB Connexion, JACOB Junior, JACOB Outlet and JOSEF were born out of a desire to offer young professional women the opportunity to create the perfect wardrobe for all aspects of their lifestyle.

At its peak, the family business had more than 250 stores and employed 4000 employees across Canada.

Over the years, JACOB has developed beyond fashion by redefining itself and offering a lifestyle focused on fragrance. Based in Montreal, this proudly Quebecker, family-owned business now offers a collection of three unique fragrances that capture the essence of multi-generational feminity.

Our products

Even after the stores closure in 2014, JACOB continued to receive numerous emails and messages from their loyal customers, as they were looking for JACOB’s iconic perfumes. And since these invaluable customers have always been at the company’s heart, it was only natural to answer their call.

Designed by the French house Charabot, the world’s oldest perfume company, these fragrances are bottled here in Quebec. This collection of fragrances allows women to tailor their style by revealing their emotions and personalities.

JACOB CLASSIC, VERY CHIC and JOIE DE VIVRE are available to make you relive the feel and the timeless memory of the JACOB era.